Think Money Customer Reviews:


Good app

App is working I had to uninstall and reinstall again for it to work.


I have tried a few times with this app. Set up was OK then when I go to log in it tells that there's a problem with my account. Yeah ok pull the other one it goes ding doing.

I like this app wen it works plz fix as it is not loging me in keeps saying conecshon prob with server plus u sed it was working and u lied I'll giv a better rating wen FIXED


This bank and app are rubbish.....charge management fee never get the correct amount into each account and app is always down, warning they are cowboys!!!!!

Good app

Had problems with it from the day it got moved from rbs to post office. Later uninstalled it and the downloaded it again and now it's fine . BACK TO NORMAL... 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

This app used to be excellent and for some reason it just stopped. I unstalled it then re loaded it and still does not work. Very frustrating. Please fix this login issue.

Not working most of the time

Terrible after update

App doesn't work, says connection error, even though I'm connected by WiFi, which is working fine. This needs sorting asap!

Since latest update can't access account via app or the direct website or by phone😓


Can't get online with the app or through Internet. Wtf is going on, think I'm gonna join metro bank.

Bad update

I updated my app and now can't use it at all, says I have a connection error when everything else works on my phone, it's a great shame as I loved this app before the latest update

Not working since last up date

Try calling them left holding on for 45mins and line gose dead left messages after message but no replyits a joke


after update it's shite won't let me access my account why can't they just leave stuff alone if it's not broken don't fix it

Cant log in

Very inconvenient need to check my account

Absolute joke had maintenance for two days gave a time scale of 11am for maintenance to finish, 4 hrs later still wasn't finished, then to be told that the maintenance had finish and that the system were down, then been on hold For almost 2hrs to speak to an agent until the phone line was closed. Could not access money for the whole day couldn't access online services either . Why do this at inconvenient times especially when people are due to be payed. This could have been done on a flipping Sunday!!! So flaming angry just a joke

To those who have not updated yet. DON'T. It won't let you log in. Absolute rubbish, I recently installed this app back on my phone, and it worked for a while, now it won't even let me in to my account, they take enough money in fees every month you would think they would get something right!!


Great app,most amazing customer service,definitely A******,faultless.x

Doesn't work

Enter my passcode and it just sits there whirring. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice and no change.


Yet again since update my card history is invalid has nothing deleted app twice reinstalled and still the same

Will not work

Cannot get this app to work

It probably would be good if it would actually open when logging in always freezes and doesn't let u get into account

Think money

Very useful check your account anytime

Excellent app!

Bad update

Haven't been able to use this app since last update . It was working fine but since updating it just sits there with the loading circle spinning and does nothing

Good app would be better if you could change your payments on direct debits and standing orders


Can never get on it! Struggles signing in everytime

All good now

Wouldn't work after update so I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it and now works. Wouldn't open at all after latest update so had to delete and reinstall yet again.


Nothing doing cant open!

Best Bank in the World

Can tell you how much less complicated my life is now with a Think Money account and this app!

Think money


Good all round bankin. Only let down is credit facility. Doesnt seem to update or allow you to apply. Reason given dont match any really reasons.

Thinkmoney app

Great application love it


Wish I could see the future budgeting screen

Works well

Never had any problems


I'll keep it short brilliant well designed and flawless...

Always crashing

It always crashes

No problems here

Never had any problems works well just need the option to send money between accounts now and will be brill

Can not open when I have updated


Great when it works.

Which is only 50% of the time. And for long periods of time, a lot less than that!

1 star

Logged in once using app, 2nd time just got the please wait spiny circle thing... not good! Have also installed & re-installed and continues to not load, end up having to use the website to check balances etc